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My Bohemian lifestyle

Nobody really expects my programmer husband to work weekends. His is a creative job, but he keeps regular hours, even though there are times when travel and deadlines disrupt them. Oddly, artists usually don’t live like this. I suspect that’s a habit from youth, when we all worked a second job to enable us to […]

Just sailing along

The forsythia blooming here is not the obedient, tightly pruned shrub of the suburbs, but the wild, sprawling mess of the shrub in its natural state. Along with spring flowers comes the first flush of license plates from away and visitors strolling along Main Street in Camden. I mentioned this to my pal Mary, who […]

Offshore Eden

In 2011, printmaker Keith Howard completed an audacious project entitled Eve’s Garden: the Lost Creation. The scope of this project was vast, including 150 works over five years. Howard’s stated objective was to “create a universal twenty-first century concept of Eden and the realization of humanity’s presence to the possible loss and destruction to our earth.” […]

How not to clean your brushes

Cleaning oil painting brushes is the bane of my existence. I’ve tried many things, but nothing works as well as old-fashioned turpentine, now banned from shared studios. Get too aggressive and your brush fibers degenerate into woody, shapeless sticks. Don’t get aggressive enough, and you end up left with paint dried under the ferrules and […]